Sheet Pile Driving in Domestic High-rise Buildings

September 24, 2022

In recent years, the domestic high-rise buildings emerge one after another, the underground space is deeper and deeper, and the design depth and diameter of foundation piles are more and more high. How to drive pile efficiently and environment friendly is a big challenge. Finishing the projects work in quicker time requires fast pile driving technology with efficient pile driving and pulling technology.


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How to choose vibrating hammer with excellent performance


For the large length and long depth steel sheet pile, it is very important to choose the vibration hammer with excellent performance. First of all, the centrifugal force should be large enough to overcome the friction between the pile and soil. Secondly the amplitude should be large so that the pile driving speed can be increased. Finally, the equipment itself must have a cooling system. Because for extreme high temperature weather, the self-cooling system can ensure that the equipment does not overheat, can continue to pile without interruption, do not delay the construction progress.


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This case is to share a project from Jiading District near Shanghai to perform piling and pulling work within limited short period. The project is designed to drive 12 meters long sheet pile of more than 5000 pieces of sheet pile. The depth of about 12 meters, standard penetration value (N value) up to 40, the site hot weather, complex terrain, difficult construction.


Benefits of high-end piling and pulling equipment


The customer originally planned to use electric hammer; the pile will be pulled out after sinking. But the hammer since the major, the piling work required the electricity, moving is not convenient, there is no cooling system, high temperature weather work easy to overheat, low frequency amplitude is small, do not grasp the barrel into the design depth. Therefore, consider choosing a excavator mounted hydraulic vibratory hammer with a self-cooling system.


In order to ensure safe and smooth pile sinking, our company first according to the geological survey report, with VIBRA professional visits the sites, and finally choose PCF350 hydraulic vibratory hammer.


Cost savings for customers


VIBRA vibratory hammer, centrifugal force 470 KN manufactured with recognized European brands of inner parts, successfully completed the piling task before the project timeline with daily pile driving of 300 plus sheet piles. And PCF350 can also be performed the pile pulling work more efficiently and faster way, saving cost for customers, truly green construction.


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