Pile driving in narrow working areas

August 25, 2022
Latest company case about Pile driving in narrow working areas


Pile driving in narrow working space


Today we present a simple, strong and a very reliable side grip pile driver which can perform your pile driving works even in narrow areas.


It took VIBRA a while to decide whether to go into the side clamped vibrating hammer. There are several products on the market, but there is little demand for them. Finally, we launched our concept product and received a warm welcome from our target users.

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Side clamp SV-200 & SV-300 vibrating hammer


Vibra engineering department came up with a new clamping and damping block system that addresses some of the common problems with such equipment. The engineers developed a simple robust and very reliable side claw. With this vibratory hammer mounted on the excavator, your construction will be faster , more efficient, and with fewer staff. With the newly designed SV200 side clamp vibrating hammer, the longest piles can be driven even without a telescopic guide. The SV200 has been field tested and is currently sold to many customers in China and will also be sold around the world.







Application conditions


***It is specially developed and designed for low headroom and narrow space construction environments such as workshops and bridge foundations.


***Suitable for 9~40 tons of standard excavators, it can be easily modified and it is easy to install as well.


***Multifunctional clamp system, replaceable standard clamp interface, meet steel sheet pile, H type and v arious pile types such as steel and round pipe piles .


***Optional VIBRA NCS pile driver control system provides auxiliary parameters for piling operations. It can display various functional information of the hydraulic control system.




Equipment advantages

  • Large torque slewing support, high pressure swing cylinder, split control valve, compact central r otary joint.
  • Front oil circuit interface, high-pressure accumulator for energy supplementation, split control valve, imported hydraulic system. The electronic control system meets IP76 waterproof level.
  • High-strength arms, driven by double high-pressure oil cylinders, replaceable chucks, and double arms synchronously clamp and release loose.
  • One-piece cast steel bottom clamp, integrated oil cylinder, toothed tooth plate, and pile hooking mechanism.

Applicable pile types


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Techincal Parameters


Parameter item Unit SV-200 SV-300
Eccentric moment Kgm 3.1 5.2
Vibration force Kn 310 518
range of rotation Rpm 2300-3000 2300-3000
Side clamp clamping force Kn 332 375
Bottom clamp clamping force Kn 384 435
Working pressure Mpa 32 32
Working flow l/min l/min 130-180 200-280
Swivel/roll angle degrees ° Degrees 360/±30° 360/±30°
Dimensions LxWxH Mm 1320x1160x1820 1310x1295x2410
Weight (including connection and fixture) kg 1750 2380


A short clip from narrow construction site




Clients wanted to do the piling work in narrow areas where front loading type pile drivers can't work. SV-200 perform this work very efficiently and solving clients problem of space shortages .


Contact our sales team to see if the side clip vibrator is a suitable and economical tool for your next project!


Ye Kun Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is one specialized is engaged in the vibration pile driv ing machine equipment production, sale and service of technology-oriented enterprises, products mainly emerging a high-speed hydraulic pile driv ing machine and peripheral accessories, equipment widely used in all kinds of foundation engineering construction.


After a short period of development, the company won the recognition of customers, and the annual sales growth doubled. Marketing the country with the VIBRA brand and export it. The company's production of mini hydraulic pile driver, vibration hammer and other products quality has reached the advanced level of the industry.


The company has a young and enterprising team cooperation, in order to respect the customer value as self value, to become the most reliable, the most comprehensive, the most professional vibration pile machine equipment and service suppliers and make unremitting efforts.


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