VIBRA FV series of hydraulic vibrating pile driver instead of traditional pile drivers

October 29, 2022
Latest company case about VIBRA FV series of hydraulic vibrating pile driver instead of traditional pile drivers

VIBRA FV series of hydraulic vibrating pile driver instead of traditional pile drivers


Typical pile-driving equipment includes a crawler-mounted crane with a boom, leads, hammer, driving caps, and other accessories all connected to form a unit. This unit must be strong enough to guide and drive each pile accurately to its final position and withstand safely all loads imposed during the pile driving process. Using this type of traditional pile drivers a 30m long pile could take up to an hour to drive all the way in the ground, on the other hand using a vibratory hammer that same pile can be driven in 10 minutes or less depending on soil conditions. Vibratory hammers utilize eccentric weights that are rotated with the help of electric or hydraulic motors to produce vertical vibrations. The vibrations reduce the frictional soil resistance along the sides of the pile and also loosen the soil at the tip.


About FV hydraulic vibratory hammer



A "vibratory hammer" is a tool used to drive piles in or out of the ground for building marinedocks, bridges, buildings, roads, rail, walls, and many other types of foundations. Traditional pile drivers are very loud and use a large weight to strike the pile. Vibratory hammers however are very quiet and have many advantages. A few advantages of vibratory hammers are that they can drive piles much more quickly, extract old piles out of the ground, can be used underwater, are light weight, protect the environment (especially animal life), can be used in close proximity to residential areas without noise complaints, and are small and easy to ship.


How does a FV vibratory hammer works?



Unlike traditional pile driving equipment that uses a large weight or ram to strike a pile, vibratory hammers use spinning counter-weights to create vibration to the pile, which allows it to "cut" soil into the ground. If you have ever put a nail in the wall with a hammer then you can understand how a traditional pile driver works. If you have ever used an electric knife to cut through meat than you can imagine how a vibratory hammer works. The high-speed vibration causes the soil to actually "liquify" and the pile will slip into the ground almost effortlessly. Many would describe using a vibratory hammer like using a hot knife to cut through butter or tofu. When watching a vibratory hammer work for the first time it may seem quite strange to see the pile going into the ground so quickly.


VIBRA FV series hydraulic vibrating pile driver take the advantage of high frequency vibration generated by motor and transit the vibration force to the hydraulic vibrating pile driver for the surrounding soil liquefying & break its structure to reduce the friction; then piling or drilling the pile form the soil ground via excavator. It has good quality European brand vibration motor and the high frequency vibration is driven by the hydraulic motor of the excavator. The hydraulic motor drives the two eccentric axes to rotate at high speed in opposite direction. The horizontal force of the eccentric axis cancels each other without vibration. The vertical forces add up to each other, creating a vertical-frequency vibration.


Machinery Characteristics


• The control system adopts integrated import control valve, each action can be controlled independently, convenient for maintenance and check.

• The vibration frequency is controlled at two stages, and the second stage vibration is the confluence of double pumps, which greatly increases the excitation force and overcomes the special geology.

• Mini and light weight design make application flexible.

• Taking the advantage of the excavator hydraulic system without other driving system requirement, which save fuel oil and transportation cost.

• The operation is simple and easy to learn. The driver who has the operation foundation of excavator can operate it with practice


Feedback from the customer



VIBRA FV-400 was installed on 60-ton Doosan DX600 excavator with the aim of fulling customer requirements of driving till 18-meter sheet piles in high storage building construction projects. Customers first use it to drive till 12 meter sheet piles to see how it performs, while the STP value was relatively low, helps the sheet pile to drive into the ground quite easily. The construction site has some where STP value was relatively high, later VIBRA FV400 able to drive those places as perfectly as performed in other areas. FV400 pile driver with efficient, flexible use, set up a faster working environment at the construction site, not only greatly reduce the cost of the project, but also produce aggregate profit!


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