XCMG ET120 wheeler excavator fitted with FV100 with the goal of performing 6 to 8 meters piling works

November 26, 2022
Latest company news about XCMG ET120 wheeler excavator fitted with FV100 with the goal of performing 6 to 8 meters piling works

XCMG presenting first ever wheeler excavator which set up with VIBRA FV100 pile driver! You won't find any other wheeler excavator done the pile driving job in the piling construction projects! XCMG ET120 wheeler excavator fitted with FV100 with the goal of performing 6 to 8 meters piling works. The FV100 small pile driver has been well received by customers because of its small structure, light weight and good performance. Majorities of the inner parts of FV100 are European brand high quality parts like, SKF (Sweden) bearing, Brevini (Italy) rotation motor, Hydro Leduc (France) Vibration Motor, Four in one advance control valve (Italy) and Japan NKK control switch. By cooperating with different clamps, it can sink and pull-out steel sheet pile, cement pile, wood pile, steel pipe pile, H-beam steel, steel shield and many more types of piles.


Video: XCMG ET120 with VIBRA FV100 mini pile driver at the construction site successfully pass the piling test and earn the customer satisfaction.


Mini hydraulic pile driver for the company's original products, its birth to fill the industry gap; Changed the history of small excavator can not be refitted pile driver; Solve the problem that small foundation pile can not be mechanized construction.

This series of models for the new rural reconstruction of the basic engineering construction has made an outstanding contribution.


Equipment advantages:


The structure is ultra-small and lightweight, and the vibration force is maximized.

Upgraded to the fourth generation model, more reasonable mechanical structure, high stability of the machine;

It can be used in the construction of narrow river course and house foundation, and can be used for drawing steel sheet piles, cement piles, wooden piles, etc.


Technical Parameter of Mini Pile Driver Series


Item FV-100 FV-150 FV-250
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 2500 2500 2800
Operation Pressure (Mpa) 30 30 32
Centrifugal Force (KN) 117 172 265
Max.Pile (m) 6 8 10
Arm (kg) 160 260 500
Hammer (kg) 850 1100 1700
Excavator (T) 6-12 12-17 20~25



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After a short period of development, the company won the recognition of customers, and the annual sales growth doubled. Marketing the country with the VIBRA brand and export it. The company's production of mini hydraulic pile driver, vibration hammer and other products quality has reached the advanced level of the industry.


The company has a young and enterprising team cooperation, in order to respect the customer value as self value, to become the most reliable, the most comprehensive, the most professional vibration pile machine equipment and service suppliers and make unremitting efforts.


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