V+Auger earth drilling suitable for any brand of excavator

December 10, 2022

Engineered to work with excavators between 24 and 50 tonnes, a new type of high torque drilling machine. V+Auger has ranges of models, provides an impressive 16,385 Nm to 65,786 of torque and 9 to 55 RPM. V+Auger 35000N and 65000N geared for high torque applications including, but not limited to, screw pile/anchor installation, large diameter drilling, deep drilling, continuous flight augers & core barreling. Our Augers are extremely versatile, using the right tool will make your day a bit easier though and get the job done quicker!


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Product features

  • Integral gear oil cooling: With unique design, only by the automatic calculation of liquid, the gear oil can be cooled efficiently. This system effectively protects your investment in high torque anchor piles.
  • High quality hydraulic motor: Our company's materials are also from high-quality suppliers.
  • Planetary gearbox: The unique planetary gearbox can enlarge the output torque. This system can double the output torque of our motor and ensure the durability and reliability of our products.


  • Two oil filling holes and two oil drain holes are designed to make oil filling or draining more quickly. The oil drain port is opened at the lower side of the box, and the gear oil can be drained when the whole machine is slightly tilted.
  • Large module gear and ring gear are used to enhance the strength of the gear under extreme stress, and it is not easy to bite and wear.

Special Features:

  • Three stage reduction structure achieves a larger reduction ratio and greater output torque, making the overall structure more compact and easier to maintain and repair.
  • The connection frame and output shaft adopt international unified standard, which is highly interchangeable
  • The ultra-high pressure plunger motor ensures that the oil seal is not easily destroyed under high pressure, and once the oil seal is destroyed, hydraulic oil can flow out through

Technical Parameters:


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Ye Kun Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is one specialized is engaged in the vibration pile driving and earth drilling machine equipment production, sale and service of technology-oriented enterprises, products mainly emerging a high-speed hydraulic pile driving machine and earth drilling auger series and accessories, equipment widely used in all kinds of foundation engineering construction.


After a short period of development, the company won the recognition of customers, and the annual sales growth doubled. Marketing the country with the VIBRA brand and export it. The company's production of mini hydraulic pile driver, vibration hammer, V+auger and other products quality has reached the advanced level of the industry.


The company has a young and enterprising team cooperation, in order to respect the customer value as self value, to become the most reliable, the most comprehensive, the most professional vibration pile machine equipment and service suppliers and make unremitting efforts.


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